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Karato Market, Kamon Wharf

Karato Market
Karato Market is a wholesale fish market to which professional chefs come from around Shimonoseki and even Kitakyushu on the other side of the Kanmon Channel. By noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are many food stands in the market and you can enjoy a great variety of the ‘taste’ of Shimonoseki prepared with the fresh ingredients right before your eyes.

Hours : 10:00 to 15:00
on weekdays and Saturdays
7:00 to 15:00
on Sundays and holidays
Admission : Free

Closed: two Wednesdays/month,new year’s
eve, new year’s day and
August 13th to 15th

Kamon Wharf

Kamon Wharf is a seaside mall home to many different kinds of retailers. There are restaurants, shops that sell Kanmon marine products, and souvenir shops. You can view Kanmon Channel from the board walk. It is located in the same street as Karato Market and Kaikyokan [Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum]. You can also enjoy a pleasant walk while viewing the comings and goings of boats in Kanmon Channel.

Hours : Shops 9:00 to 19:00
(to 18:00 in winter)

Restaurants 11:00 to 22:00
(with some exceptions)
    Open year round
Admission : Free