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Beautiful scenery, Facilities

Kaikyo Yume Tower (Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki)

Standing at 143 meters, Kaikyo Yume tower is one of the tallest structures in Western Japan. From the observation deck you can see Kanmon Channel,

the island of Kyushu and even the open sea.
Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki has an international convention center, office buildings and plays a important role in international trade.

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Kanmon Bridge

Kanmon Bridge is 1068 meters long, about 61 meters above the surface of the sea, and connects Honshu [the main island] with Kyushu Island. The view is spectacular with the ocean below and the tide sometimes flowing by at more than 10 knots (18km/h). The Bridge is an important symbol of Shimonoseki.

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Hinoyama Park

The view from the top of the mountain, which is 268 meters above sea level, is one of the best in Shimonoseki. You can see three bodies of water and the spectacular night view is known as the ‘Ten Million dollar view’. It is also famous for cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring. Walk to the top or take your car. At the top you’ll find a view deck with a rotating restaurant and souvenir shops.

Mojiko Retro

Located in Kyushu on the other side of the channel, it is accessible by boat. You will find many old buildings designed in a retro style along the streets. By blending old and new architectural styles Mojiko Retro has an interesting and mysterious atmosphere.

Former Moji Customs Office
This office was functioning in the days when Mojiko was a busy international trading port.

Former Moji Mitsui Club
Built as a social club in 1921 by Mitsui Co., Ltd., (a member of a powerful business clique.) Albert Einstein and his wife are reported to have stayed here.

JR Mojiko Station
(Culturally Important National Property)

Built out of wood in a Neo-Renaissance style, JR Mojiko was modeled after Rome’s Termini station. There is a bronze hand-washing basin in the station that takes us back to the days when JR Mojiko was a bustling station.

Former O.S.K. Line Building
Built in 1917 with its beautiful octagon tower by O.S.K. Line (one of the largest marine transportation companies in Japan) for the Moji branch.

Mojiko Retro Deck
You can see a splendid view of Kanmon Kaikyo Channel from the observation deck which is located at the top of a super high rise building, 103 meters tall. The deck is the best place to observe the ‘night fantasy’ light display.

Kanmon Tunnel Footpath

The footpath is one of the world’s rare undersea tunnels. Its total length is 3461.4 meters long and includes a footpath 780 meters long. It connects Honshu [mainland Japan] and Kyushu.

Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum “Kaikyokan”

The museum houses rare attractions unseen in many other museums such as the skeletal remains of a 23 meter long Blue whale, more than 50 different kinds of Blowfish from all over the world, a dolphin show at the Aqua Theater with Kanmon Channel in the background and much more. It is a very popular family attraction.

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Introducing the beautiful scenery of Tsunoshima Island.

When you cross Tsunoshima Island bridge, over the unbelievably beautiful blue ocean, you get to Tsunoshima island which is called ‘miracle island.’ (The bridge is 1,780m long and is free of charge to cross) Due to the beauty of the island, it is often used as a location for TV shows, (such as the made-for-TV movie version of 'HERO’in which famous Asian actor, Takuya Kimura of SMAP plays the main character), commercials (such as those for Toyota Lexus), and movies. Near by is the‘Nishinagato Resort Hotel’ in which many celebrities, including Takuya Kimura, stay when on the island.